Services Services list our skills certify the goodness of used cars of all brands on the market especially in the category Super Car and Classic Car, with reports prepared for your needs..
We follow step by step the purchase of the car and we look that everything is done in respect of the italy's law for export, we organize the transport through transporter and / or managing the customs practice.


advice to export the car

1. We provide all the tools and the necessary advice for export the car in according to current regulations

correctness ad verify

2. we perform the initial checks to verify the existence of the car for sale to avoid possible scams

verification of the car at domicile

3. we are ability to move into the country for a first inspection of the ca

summary test of the state of the vehicle

4. we propose a report called "state of use" is indicated where inside we report the general condition of the car

advice for buying a used car

5. we help you to select the right car for your fleet through various sales channels.

verification of bodywork

6. We control of the structure and the body of the car for identify previous interventions or serious deformations

verify electrical system

7. test to verify the correct functioning of the electrical

Verification of mechanical operation

8. we test it into the road for identify anomalies on the mechanical system of the vehicle

verification mileage

9. Verification of mileage with electronic instruments or on the basis of the deterioration of the car.

management test at authorized workshops

10. organize appointments with the parent company to test the mechanical condition of the cara

business advice purchase

11. we help you to buy the car at the best price, we conclude the negotiation for you to purchase

counseling for radiation plates

12. consulting practices for radiation with an insurance for cardboard plates

logistics and transport

13. transport the car by transporter until the headquarters of your company

consulting customs outside the EEC

14. advice to presentation of the customs's documents for export the car in areas outside the EEC